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Full ceramic(All-ceramic) Bearing of Si3N4 material
Full ceramic bearing made with Si3N4 have some better performance than ZrO2 ones. The rings and balls is made of full ceramic material: Si3N4. As a standard constructure, the cage is made of PTFE. Generally we also can make the cage with GFRPA66-GF25, PEEK, PI, Phonemic Textiles Tube, etc. Compared with the ZrO2 ones. The Si3N4 Ceramics bearings could endure heavier load and could be used in higher temperature environment. Also we could offer precision ceramic bearing which generally used in high-speed and high-rigidity spindle. The manufactured clearance could reach P4 or more grade.
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Full Ceramic(All-ceramic) Bearing Of Full Complement Balls
Full ceramic bearing of full complement balls has an add-ball gap on its side. Because of using no cage design, the bearing able to install more ceramic balls than the standard construction, so the heavier radial load ability is increased more. In addition, to avoid the limitation of the cage material, this bearing same as full ceramic bearing with ceramic cage, has corrosion resistance and high temperature application. This series of bearing is not for high speed application, it should be installed on the unforced side, so the bearing couldn’t be used in axial load application.
Full Ceramic(All-ceramic) Bearing of Ceramic Cage
Ceramic cage has excellent performance as wear and corrosion resistance, high strength, lubrication and maintenance free during working. Adopting the ceramic cage, Ceramic bearing can be used in the most inclemency application such as corrosive, low temperature, high vacuum environments. The normal style is used ceramic materials of ZrO2.