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Rolling Rill Application

Due to the precision manufacturing technology and devices, XLB specializes in manufacturing of all kinds of high-quality bearings including single-row,double-row and four row taper roller ​bearings and cylindrical roller bearings,sealed roll neck bearings, spherical roller bearings, which are widl​y used in working rolls, intermediate rolls, backup rolls and other auxiliary devices.

Working roll

Working roll bears very heavy radial load and different degrees of axial load,aiming to hold up such resultant force, applying double-row and four row taper roller bearings or the combination of four row taper roller and thrust bearings is considered as the most effective method.

Backup Rolls

When the working roll is holding heavy load because of twisting force and shift force, the backup roll is mainly under the rolling force. According to working situation, backup rolls often use four row taper roller bearings and four-row cylindrical roller bearings.

Pressure System

Pressure system is for adjusting the thickness of rolled products. Bearings in such system are always still, which need to bear heavy rolling force, so that heavy level thrust bearings are designed and developed aiming at being applied in such situations.

Rolling mill driving device and gear house
Aiming at being applicable to most situation which involves radial force and axial force, XLB brings up the solution of combining taper roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings and spherical roller bearing (single-row, double-row).
In order to strengthen the durability of bearings and meet the needs from harsh situation about fatigue lifetime of bearings, we can arrange mass production of small quantities according to the following features:
Appling strengthened material to reduce the damage of impurity; fine grinding may reduce the exfoliation and fatigue when temperature is high or the fluid film is too thin; designing inner geometric structure for distributing force equally.
The sealed roll neck bearings of XLB can meet all the strict needs. sealed roll neck bearings offer many advantages for metal rolling industry, such as seal ring reducing the damage of pollutant, and increasing the reliability and extending bearing’ period of use.​​
Ceramic Bearings Application
Glasses in LCD is transmitted by the delivery system, so that mental bearings in such system usually get rusty during the contact with chemicals, then the rust would reduce the heat or cause fragment. Therefore the application of suitable bearings may strengthen the stability of machine, and can avoid shutting down of machine, production loss or engineers’ waste of time.

Ceramic bearings are widly used in some applications with high revolving speed, such as machine tools, fans and vacuum pump, since they have the following features:

  • High abrasion resistance, low friction factor, the hardness of ceramic bearings are greater than ordinary alloys.
  • Being capable of withstanding high temperature, and the expansion factor is small.
  • Anticorrosion: Ceramic bearings can resist the environment of acid, alkali, and solvent.
  • High speed and can lubricate itself: it doesn’t need to grease on ceramic bearings,and they can revolve on a extremely high speed.

Chemical situation of LCD factory:
ITO EtchOxalicAcid 4050℃weak acid
Al EtchMixedAcid 4050℃strong acid
Cr EtchCAN4050℃
strong acid
CleanerDetergent40℃acid or alkali
TFT Developer2.38% TMAHRTstrong alkali
CF DeveloperKOH NaOH Na2CO3~1%TMAH RT
Remark: Most of the ceramic bearings with high revolving speed are compound bearings, which are mental cup and cone with ceramic rollers.