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POM/PA Plastic Bearing(Precision Plastic Bearings)

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POM and PA have excellent mechanical strength and wearing resistance. With good self-lubrication performance and low friction coefficients. There are suitable for manufacturing precision plastic bearings. In addition, they can be used in high-speed application. Plastic bearing made with POM is the most extensive sort of all the plastic bearings. Generally, the inner and outer rings are made of POM or PA, the cage made of PA and the balls is glass, stainless or ceramic ones. These bearings could be used in some alkali environment but not proper to be used in some acid environment.
HDPE/PP/UPE Plastic Bearings(Anti-Acid And Anti-Alrali Bearings)

HDPE,PP.UPE(UHMWPE) are approved can be used in faintish acid and alkali environment (30% CuCl2solution and 30% NAOH solution is tested ok). Such bearing can operate in liquid and contamination sensitive environments as acid/alkali/salt/imprequant/oil/gas/seawater. They have general performance of lubrication and maintenance free, none magnetism, anti-rust and anti-eroded of plastic bearings. But these bearings have not strong mechanical strength. And easy to be out shape, so they couldn’t used in heavy load and high speed application. 
Among these 3 kinds of materials, UPE has more excellent strength and low friction and could be used to lower temperature(lowest to-150℃). Generally the rings and cage are made of HDPE.PP or UPE, balls are glass stainless or ceramic ones.
PEEK/PI Plastic Bearings (High Temperature Application Plastic Bearings)
As newly developing engineering plastic material, PEEK and PI have been approved. That they have the strongest mechanical strength and could endure the highest temperature among all the plastic material. PEEK could work at 260℃ while PI could work at 300℃ for long time. Moreover they have excellent anti-corrosion performance and could be used in strong acid and alkali environment. So generally they are used to manufacture bearings to realize precision running in rigorous environment. As the material is expensive, the costs are high. Generally the rings are made of PEEK or PI. Cage is PTFE, PEEK or PI and ball is ZrO2 or Si3N4.